US President Barack Obama will arrive in Brisbane tomorrow Saturday 15 November for the G20 Leaders Summit. As part of the proceedings, the President will deliver an address on US leadership in the Asia–Pacific at the University of Queensland.

Centre chief executive Bates Gill said the address will be the President's most important speech on America's "rebalance to Asia" since he introduced the strategy before the Australian parliament three years ago. "It will be a forward-looking speech, outlining US priorities, policies, and partnerships in the region for the remainder of his time in office." he said.

The United States Studies Centre at the University of Sydney has a team of expert commentators to discuss the speech and the summit, including economic relations, international trade, and Obama’s presidency in the aftermath of a midterm defeat for his party.

Experts available for commentary are:

  • Bates Gill, chief executive of the US Studies Centre.
  • Gordon Flake, chief executive of the Perth US Asia Centre
  • Brendon O’Connor, associate professor at the US Studies Centre
  • Tom Switzer, research associate at the US Studies Centre
  • Russell Trood, adjunct professor in defence and security at the US Studies Centre
  • James McCormick, visiting professor from Iowa State University