The United States Studies Centre at the University of Sydney has today announced a new partnership with global survey company YouGov.

Beginning this month, YouGov will provide the Centre with exclusive, monthly polling data from the United States and Australia, tracking not just perceptions of political leadership in both countries, but also unique, targeted insights on a diverse range of topics.

CEO of the United States Studies Centre Professor Simon Jackman, a leader in public opinion research, has previously worked as one of the principal investigators of the American National Election Studies and partnered with media outlets including the Guardian Australia and the Huffington Post on pre-election polling. He said the results provided by YouGov as part of the new partnership will allow the Centre to analyse and publish unprecedented comparative data.

"The United States Studies Centre has taken a keen interest in the attitudes and opinions of people in our region, with research like our surveys into America's role in the Indo-Pacific. This exciting new partnership with YouGov gives us the opportunity to broaden that focus to public opinion in the United States and then contrast that with the views of people in our own backyard," Jackman said.

"The Centre has a mandate to deepen Australia's understanding of America. This ongoing commitment to charting public perceptions in both countries is an ideal way for Australians to gain perspective on the United States."

YouGov is a market research and opinion polling company headquartered in the United Kingdom, with operations in Europe, North America, the Middle East and the Asia-Pacific.

YouGov CEO and co-founder Stephan Shakespeare will join Professor Jackman and ABC journalist Annabel Crabb in Sydney tonight for a discussion about the reliability and future of public opinion polling following the election of US President Donald Trump and the success of the "Leave" campaign in the Brexit vote.

For media wishing to attend the discussion, please use the contacts below.

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