The United States Studies Centre at the University of Sydney (USSC) is pleased to announce the appointment of two Alliance 21 Fellows for 2018.

Madelyn Creedon, former Principal Deputy Administrator of the National Nuclear Security Administration in the US Department of Energy, will take up an Alliance 21 Fellowship at the USSC and the PerthUSAsia Centre at the University of Western Australia in early September. An expert on nuclear strategy and former Assistant Secretary of Defense for Global Strategic Affairs in the Pentagon, Madelyn served in the Obama administration and has held various positions in the Senate Armed Services Committee of the US Congress. 

Hilary McGeachy, First Secretary (Economic) at the Australian High Commission in New Delhi, will travel to Washington, DC in October as the outbound 2018 Alliance 21 Fellow. Hilary will be based at the Center for a New American Security within the Asia-Pacific Security Program. Hilary has extensive experience as an economic and policy analyst in the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade with an emphasis on trade negotiation and implementation. 

The Alliance 21 Fellowship was established by the USSC, the PerthUSAsia Centre and the US State Department to foster policy-oriented research and dialogue between the United States and Australia.

Director of the USSC's Foreign Policy and Defence Program, Ashley Townshend, said Madelyn and Hilary’s respective experience in strategic and geo-economic issues will be invaluable to the Centre's research on Australia-US relations and Indo-Pacific strategy.

“Madelyn’s time at USSC and PerthUSAsia will provide invaluable insights into thinking and debates within the United States about the direction of its nuclear arsenal, extended nuclear deterrence in the region and the still-present risk of nuclear proliferation from actors in the Indo-Pacific like North Korea,” he said.

“Hilary will be working on emerging trade and geo-economic issues across the Indo-Pacific at the Center for a New American Security, which is an increasingly critical area for Australia-US cooperation."

Madelyn Creedon
2018 Alliance 21 Fellow 

  • Former Principal Deputy Administrator of the National Nuclear Security Administration, US Department of Energy.
  • Professional background in nuclear strategy, non-proliferation, space, cyber and US Congress.
  • Based at United States Studies Centre and Perth USAsia Centre from September-December 2018.

Hilary McGeachy
2018 Alliance 21 Fellow ​

  • First Secretary (Economic) of the Australian High Commission in New Delhi.
  • Professional background in trade negotiation, political and economic analysis and digital and telecommunication issues.
  • Based at the Center for a New American Security in Washington DC from October-December 2018.

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