Wentworth Courier

By Robbie Patterson

Double Bay is getting a brand-new image.

Double Bay Chamber of Commerce chairman Greg Solomon last night unveiled a new Double Bay logo at the InterContinental Hotel.

But does it live up to the glitz and glamour that residents and businesses want to be synonymous with their town?

The plain black square, with ‘Double Bay’ emblazoned across the bottom will be on footpaths, shopfronts, and advertising material for businesses if the local chamber has it their way.

Mr Solomon said he hoped it would “be used by everybody where possible”, so the logo became synonymous with what Double Bay stood for.

“To ensure we continue to compete for our fair share of talent, business and attention, the Double Bay Chamber of Commerce and Woollahra Council participated in the Future Cities Program through the US Studies Centre at the University of Sydney,” Mr Solomon said.

He said the program identified the need for a “place brand strategy and identity as the cornerstone for the delivery of the strategies”.

“We are undertaking to guarantee a vibrant, successful and sustainable future for Double Bay and our community,” Mr Solomon said.

He wanted businesses to embrace the brand and logo.

“What came out of the Future Cities Program on every issue we talked about — it became very clear that unless we have community buy in, and we are all in the same boat paddling in the same direction, it will fall flat,” he said.