Professor Geoffrey Garrett, chief executive of the US Studies Centre

Expertise: US politics, foreign policy, business and economics, US-China relations


Associate Professor Brendon O’Connor American Politics

Expertise: US politics, foreign policy, Obama’s biography


Professor James Fallows, chair in US media (from Washington)

Expertise: US politics, foreign policy, media, technology


Dr James Curran Research Associate

Expertise: history of Australia-US relations, visits of US presidents to Australia, ANZUS treaty


Tom Switzer Research Associate

Expertise: US security policy, climate change policy, US politics


Professor Robert Hill, Adjunct Professor in Sustainability

Expertise: climate change and the environment, Australia-US defence relations


Professor Edward Blakely Honorary Professor in Urban Policy

Expertise: Cities, urban policy, disaster management and recovery, US politics


Rebecca Sheehan Postdoctoral Fellow

Expertise: American popular culture, gender and sexuality, religion


Dr Harry Melkonian Lecturer on US Constitution

Expertise: US politics, US constitution


Professor David Weisbrot Professor of Legal Policy

Expertise: US law and legal policy, US politics, information technology and public policy


Dr Lesley Russell Research Associate (from Washington)

Expertise: US and Australian health policy, US politics


MEDIA ENQUIRIES: Annabel McGilvray, US Studies Centre  

M 0405 260 919             E