The United States Studies Centre at the University of Sydney has a team of expert commentators available for media interviews, analysis and live coverage of the final stages of the race to the White House.

This week sees President Barack Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney square off in Hempstead, New York, (Wednesday 17 October 12pm AEDT) in a town hall style second presidential debate. The crucial televised event will be followed by the third and final debate on Tuesday 23 October AEDT, just two weeks before election day on Wednesday 7 November AEDT. Experts available for comment are:

  • Professor James Fallows: Chair in US Media at the US Studies Centre and National Correspondent for the Atlantic magazine, based in Washington.
  • Professor Bates Gill: CEO of the US Studies Centre, specialising in foreign policy, security and the US-China relationship.
  • Associate Professor Brendon O'Connor: Associate Professor in American Politics with expertise in foreign policy, American exceptionalism and anti-Americanism.
  • Dr David Smith: Lecturer in US Politics and Foreign Policy, specialising in religion in politics.
  • Dr Adam Lockyer: Lecturer in American Politics and Foreign Policy, specialising in US security and defence policy.
  • Dr Rebecca Sheehan: Lecturer in US history, specialising in American culture, gender and sexuality.
  • Tom Switzer: Research Associate with the US Studies Centre and editor of the Spectator Australia.
  • Dr Harry Melkonian: Senior Lecturer in American Politics, specialising in US law and the Constitution.
  • Professor David Weisbrot AM: Professor of Legal Policy at the US Studies Centre. Expert on campaign funding and election rules.
  • Dr Michael Ondaatje: Senior Lecturer at the US Studies Centre and at the University of Newcastle, expert in African-American history and voting behaviour.
  • Luke Freedman: US Elections Analyst at the US Studies Centre, running the Centre’s US Election Watch 2012 website.
  • Professor Simon Jackman: Professor of Political Science at Stanford University and Visiting Professor at the Centre. Expert on polling and political participation, based in California.
  • Dr Nicole Hemmer: Research Associate with the US Studies Centre and Visiting Assistant Professor, University of Miami, specialising in conservative media, based in Florida.
  • Professor Edward Blakely: Honorary Professor in Urban Policy and “recovery czar” for New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina. Expert in US politics and urban planning.
  • John Barron: Research Associate and ABC Radio and TV host, specialising in US politics and media.

The United States Studies Centre also has a dedicated website following the race, US Election Watch 2012. Packed with news, background detail and expert commentary to get you up to speed before election day, US Election Watch 2012 will provide updates and analysis on all the major events in the lead-up to the general election on Wednesday 7 November AEDT