The funding allocated in this year’s federal budget and administered by the American Australian Association Ltd. will assist the United States Studies Centre at The University of Sydney and the Perth USAsia Centre at The University of Western Australia in continuing to deepen Australia’s understanding of the United States and the Indo-Pacific through research, teaching and public engagement.

Australia faces many critical issues with respect to the Indo-Pacific. Australia's relationship with the United States – and decisions made by the US government and businesses – will be pivotal, shaping not just Australia's future, but the future of relations with important neighbours across the Indo-Pacific, and globally.

The value of policy research and analysis from learned voices and experts in foreign policy, international trade and investment, and American politics in this context cannot be understated. The Centres will continue to offer frank and fearless assessment of the challenges and opportunities ahead as the Australia-US relationship evolves, whilst highlighting the growing importance of the Indo-Pacific region to both nations. They will also continue to invest in their renowned research in foreign policy, defence, innovation, trade, investment, politics and culture.

The Centres’ independent scholarship remains a vital resource for government, media and the public. They stand ready to provide further insight in the years ahead.  

We thank the Australian Commonwealth government for its vote of confidence in our mission.

John Olsen, AO
Chairman, American Australian Association Limited

Mark Baillie
Chairman, United States Studies Centre

Professor Simon Jackman
CEO, United States Studies Centre

Professor L. Gordon Flake
CEO, Perth USAsia Centre