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With each month of 2020 seemingly introducing new foils for the US presidential election, Kanye West’s 4th of July presidential run announcement is the latest unpredictable development. USSC Senior Lecturer in American Politics and Foreign Policy Dr David Smith discussed the potential spoiler effect of a Kanye candidacy and the evolving world of celebrities in politics in a discussion with ABC’s Zoe Daniel yesterday. Daniel will also be facilitating next week’s Vice-Presidential Sweepstakes webinar on Tuesday, July 14.

While COVID-19 surges in swing states loom large, key policy issues are vying for attention ahead of the Republican and Democratic national conventions next month. The Democratic National Convention will be the real test of whether the Green New Deal can secure a climate change compromise or if it will be put on the back-burner until after the election.

Election fever is heating up and you can get your US politics fix from USSC’s Election Watch hub, where new content and all USSC Election Watch events will be posted. If you missed our discussion with former US Congresswoman Mia Love, make sure to catch the webinar replay.