Positioned between the death of Osama bin Laden and the tenth anniversary of the terrorist attacks, the 2011 National Summit of the United States Studies Centre will cast a forensic eye on the 9/11 Decade.

Government decision-makers thought leaders, academic experts and prominent journalists from Australia and around the world will examine the decade’s upheavals at Sydney’s Four Seasons Hotel on June 6-7.

The following international speakers are available for media interviews:

Nicholas Burns – Leading commentator on US foreign policy Sultan of Oman Professor, Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University Former US Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs (2005-2008) Former US Ambassador to NATO (2001-2005).

James Fallows – Influential commentator on the US global trajectory Chair in US Media at the United States Studies Centre, University of Sydney National correspondent for the Atlantic Monthly.

Douglas Feith - One of the architects of the war on terrorism Director of the Center for National Security Strategies, Hudson Institute Former US Under Secretary of Defence for Policy (2001-2005), Author of War and Decision: Inside the Pentagon at the Dawn of the War on Terrorism.

Adam Garfinkle - Expert on US foreign policy and the war on terrorism Editor of The American Interest Former speechwriter for US Secretaries of State, Colin Powell and Condolleeza Rice.

Robert Kaplan – Prominent analytic voice on US power and its global role National Correspondent for the Atlantic Monthly, Author of Monsoon: The Indian Ocean and the Future of American Power.

Stephen Krasner – Influential proponent of the Bush administration’s pro-democracy agenda Graham Stuart Professor of Political Science, Stanford University Former Director of Policy Planning, US Department of State (2005-2007).

Anatol Lieven – London-based critic of post 9/11 US foreign policy Professor of War Studies, King’s College London, Author of Pakistan: A Hard Country, published 2011.